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With the population over 1.25 billion people, India is a great destination for world travelers. It boasts of a unique and diverse culture, rich history, and heritage. There is a lot to see and do for volunteers in India. It is the land of the Taj Mahal, the great Thar Desert, the Himalaya Mountains, the Khajuraho Temples, the Sun and Sands of Goa, as well as the Royal Bengal Tigers. India offers overwhelming contrasts and diversity making it one of the most desired destinations for volunteering opportunities and travel.

Although India is one of the fastest growing and developing nations today yet poverty, lack of sanitation facilities and illiteracy are major issues here. Volunteers can make a significant difference in the lives of underprivileged local communities in India by working with local NGOs. Volunteer opportunities in India are available to individuals, groups, or even families.

Volunteer programs in India are affordable and fulfilling.  There are number of programs to choose from such as; cultural exchange programs, internships, gap year programs etc. in which volunteers can work not only in bigger cities such as; New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Mysore but also in rural India, not to mention some of the most picturesque settings like the Himalayas regions.

Therefore if you are looking for volunteer work in India, which is both meaningful and valuable, you can choose from some of the areas listed below:

English Teaching in Rural India

The volunteers work in the rural government schools and organize various interesting and creative ways for the children to help them with their knowledge of English language.

Community Teaching

Volunteers provide education and vocational training for the poor and disabled.  They also contribute in sports, healthcare and other areas.

Journalism Internship

Journalism is another area in which you can intern in India and build skills and experience during your gap year abroad. In the course of journalism internship, you will chase stories, write and edit articles and will get your name in the print.

Medical Internship

There are world-class hospitals in India to gain experience in your gap year. You can work with top medical experts and observe both day-to-day as well as specialist procedures thereby gaining valuable medical experience on this trip.

Work in Community Hospital

The volunteer opportunity is also available in community hospitals in many places in India.  You can help local staff with providing affordable health care to the underprivileged by working as a healthcare volunteer.

Orphanage Volunteer Work

In this program, the volunteers participate in the daily routine and contribute to the upliftment of the orphaned street children. The gap year abroad volunteers support local staff as they provide education and health care to those children who are in need of adoption.

To sum it up, the volunteer programs in India provide you with a chance to get involved in meaningful volunteer work and travel to some of the world’s most interesting destinations. It will also give you a great cultural experience of the lifetime. Combining travel, adventure, and volunteer work, these programs are full of rewarding experiences and action.

If you know of any other volunteering opportunities in India, please let us know in the comments box below or you may as well write about your experiences here.

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