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Seeking Consciousness-Who am I?

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At one stage in one’s life every person may ask the question: Who am I? Where does this consciousness   come from? This question has been raised since time immemorial, ever since we have existed. There is no clear cut answer to that especially by western philosophers or modern scientists.

Common  Scientific View

The science says that we developed gradually into complex beings from simple sub atomic particles namely, Gluons, Muons and Quarks etc. These particles bonded together to become Atoms, then from Atoms, we have molecules, then Organic Molecules to Matter which we can perceive and finally we, the conscious beings or the humans who have the Body, the Mind and the Consciousness,  the Self or the  ( Holy) Spirit that creates awareness or the experience of being.

What the Scientists fail to explain is that what existed before the sub atomic particles. Even more baffling thing is how this consciousness popped into us.  For them consciousness does not seem to exist, it is the Mind only.

What is Our True Identity?

In fact, your name, your identity, is the first thing that comes to your mind when you start contemplating on your true Self. But that is not you, because if somebody calls you by other name or if you change your name, would you change? NO, you will be the same Self. This very elusive Self is what we want to know about.

Therefore, you say I am a husband; is this true you? Not at all, what if you get divorced tomorrow, then you are single man now. Likewise, you being a businessman, government officer, a soldier, or a farmer are all temporary or transient identities.

We are Not the Body or the Mind

We are, most of the times, so engrossed in the thoughts that we or our true Self is our body only, in which the mind also resides. However, when you start to enquire you realize that “This is my head but it is NOT me, this is my mind but I’m not my mind.

This is my mind but I am not my mind: Why the mind is different in different people for example:  An Aboriginal man who was born, lived throughout his life in deep forests would have a totally different mind as compared to an educated urban man.   However, in case of Consciousness, it is the same in everyone: the Awareness of one’s being.  All of us, whether a tribal or a city slicker, are being watched by the same Self, this observer is universal, not limited to culture or amount of experiences by the senses, that is the true Consciousness—it is not the mind. You may call the former The True Self, Consciousness, Self, the Spirit or Soul etc.

Who am I Then?

The truth of the matter is that we are eternal souls, hidden and covered with layers over layers of ignorance for so many God forbidden lives. Our true self is “sat chit anand” (Absolute/ Truth Consciousness Bliss). That is the nature of the Brahman—the Super Consciousness or simply speaking the God—part of that is found in all of us in the form of consciousness. Thus, not realizing our true Self is the cause of all the sufferings.

Once we realize the true nature of ourselves, the immediate fall-out would be the immense peace of mind and sense of connection with each and every part of the nature—not with just living beings. You will see that even a piece of rock is as good as a flying bird. Nothing would seem to be without a reason. All that grand plan of the Universe is obvious to you.

You do not resist what is happening, rather you carry on with your duties allotted by that power up there—then you work as selflessly as the Sun, the Moon and the Stars—without fail, without any expectation. That is our true self, that is what I am.

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