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Secret Superstar: This Film Will Move You to Tears!

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Teenage Zaira (Insia Malik) from Baroda has secret dream to make it as a star singer but her conservative father (Raj Arun) is the stumbling block who also is abusive and violent to her mother (Mehar Vij) at the slightest pretext. Young Zaira valiantly plans to liberate her mother from the clutches of her cold-hearted and restrictive father. Trouble notwithstanding, the young girl continues to pursue her dream albeit with several hiccups along the way until she meets an apparently obnoxious musician (Amir Khan) who will help her arrive.     

Produced by Amir Khan, quality is certainly guaranteed here. Written and directed by debutant Advait Chandan, Secret Superstar grips you right from the scene one and despite the film not being a suspense-thriller genre, it keeps you hooked up until the end. With tears, excitement and joy, it has all the emotional elements of a heartwarming film. The dreamy eyed girl has all your sympathy and goodwill.  At times you might find yourself fighting tears for the fate of Zaira in this seemingly fairy tale movie.

Incredible and convincing cast  of Secret Superstar make up for some minor glitches in the script. Amir Khan is definitely an act to watch here. Raj Arun is totally into the skin of his character; his menacing presence will send shiver down your spine aside of the characters in the film. Young Zaira, who is an absolute wonder. Eyes of Najma (Meher) as the submissive wife says it all without speaking. Young actors Chintan (Tirth Sharma) and child-actor Guddu (Kabir) are simply adorable.

Amit Trivedi’s music is nice enough to ears but it could have been better. So is true about the lyrics by Kausar Munir.

Secret Superstar is a wholesome watch for the family, although the girls, whose worlds revolve around their mother, will find the film quite a treasure. IT’s ALL ABOUT MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS.

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Here is my verdict on the film–Rating:  4.5/5

Features Image: Zee Studios, Aamir Khan Productions

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