How to Experience Self-Realization Everyday?

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In their life times, all human beings are capable of Self-Realization, variably called Self-Actualization, Awakening, or  Enlightenment, Moksha, Nirvana and Salvation etc. However, very few of them achieve it. Rest of them live and behave like animals though, not to speak of them dying in the same manner.

We are supposed to have evolved from the animals only, for instance, chimpanzees, our closest genetic relatives have nearly 99% similarity in DNA. Hence, the differences between man and animal is in degree of evolution–there is no fundamental difference between the two species. Only that the men have evolved to a higher degree now.

Animals Vs Humans and What is Self-Realization?

Talking about Self-Realization, the question arises that what distinguishes us humans from the beasts?  That’s the ability of Evaluation, Logic and Language? Scientifically, YES. Essentially, it is the ability to Self-Reflect but no chimp can do so. Humans can regard their Body, Mind and Soul (Self or Spirit) separately while animals have no such capability.  Hence, there is no phenomena as self-realization for them.

While each human being is capable of achieving something unique which can only be done by the power of self-realization, in other words, by one’s sense of intuition.  It is the tool of self-reflection that helps us have the intuition which, in fact, is a glimpse of our true self–the soul or the spirit.

How to Achieve it?

As said earlier in the article we can regard our Body, Mind and Soul as separate entities. That’s where the trick lies! The moment you self-reflect and take your Mind, the maelstrom of thoughts, as separate from your Self, the Mind soon subsides. The whirlpool of crazy thoughts somehow comes to a halt. That is when you get a glimpse of your true self.–the light reflecting the path to your self-realization.

Enlightenment–The Final Destination

You may not hold this glorious moment forever, though realized masters have done it, you can keep catching it now and then by practicing a few minutes between your daily routine every day. This is how we can experience Self-Realization on daily basis until we master ourselves to hold it forever which is the state of the Awakening, the Enlightenment, the “sat chit anand” (Absolute/ Truth Consciousness Bliss)–the final destination of all human beings.

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