The Best Hotels in Miami Beach

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Not only the world’s rich and famous but also average travelers frequent Miami Beach. People from all walks of life equally enjoy the Sun, the White sands, and the Sea there. If you are planning a vacation, here is a list of the best hotels in Miami Beach. Pick what best suits your pocket.  

The Best Bed and Breakfast Hotel: SoBeYou 

Centrally located and just ten minutes’ walk from the beach, SoBeYou offers everything for your comfort. Cozy rooms, nice bathrooms, number of newspapers and delicious breakfast by the pool set the tone for a perfect day ahead.  Apart from that, cheap car parking facility and very friendly staff makes it the most enjoyable B&B place to stay in Miami Beach.

The Best Budget Hotel in Miami Beach: Villa Paradiso

Villa Paradiso tops the list of the best budget hotels in Miami Beach.  It is centrally located yet it’s away from the hustle-bustle of the beach. The hotel offers peace of mind, above all. It offers clean and comfortable rooms that come attached with a small kitchen which makes them useful. The stay at the hotel is made even more memorable by warm and very helpful staff.

The Best Mid Range Hotel: Pelican Hotel

They call it a “toy-hotel” because the whole hotel and all its rooms are designed around different themes.  The theme rooms such as “Jesus Christ Megastar” and “Psychedelic (ate) Girl,” make for an exciting and memorable stay.  The hotel also offers regular amenities and the restaurant serves decent breakfast until late in the morning.

The Best Luxury Hotel in Miami Beach:  The Setai  

In the category of the best luxury hotels in Miami Beach, the Setai tops the list. Exotically designed with Asian décor yet ultra-modern, it offers ultimate privacy and excellent service by very friendly staff.  Their wide selection of delicious breakfast is another high point. The spa at the Setai is top notch, so is the outdoor pool and cabana areas.  Moreover, the hotel has an easy access to the beach. They also offer condominiums for families.
Therefore, across the different categories, these are the best hotels in Miami Beach.  Go ahead and book one to make your stay memorable there.
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