Was Adiyogi Shiva the First Yogi?

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One of the many names of Shiva is Adiyogi, which means “first yogi”, because Mahadev is known as the father and originator of yoga. Shiva is a great yogi who is completely absorbed in himself. He is the Lord of Yogis and Yoga Teacher of Rishis (Sages). Shiva is the supreme master in the form of Dakshinamurthi who teaches with infinite peace, the unity of one’s “innermost being” (Atman) with the “ultimate truth” (Brahma).

The doctrine and practice of yoga, in various forms, has been a part of all the major traditions of Hinduism and Shiva has been a patron or spokesperson in many Hindu yoga texts–these include philosophy and techniques for yoga. These ideas have survived in the form of yoga texts such as Ishwar Geeta (literally meaning ‘Song of Shiva’) which has had a deep and lasting impact on the development of Hinduism.

Other famous Shiva-related texts influenced Hatha Yoga and integrated the Monastic (Advaita Vedanta) ideas with Yoga philosophy. Shiva Sutra, Shiva Samhita and the views of people like Abhinavagupta, a scholar of 10th century Kashmir Shaivism, are the proofs of this belief.

Abhinavagupta has written in his notes about the relevance of ideas related to Shiva and Yoga that people are entangled in their own affairs and generally do nothing for others. While Shiva and Yoga spirituality helps us see beyond the physical world, it helps to understand the interrelationship. And thus plays a special role in bringing both the individual and the world to a state of more blissful existence.

॥ओऽम नम: शिवाय॥

How Shiva Became Adiyogi, Watch the Enlightening Story Below:

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