How to Achieve Permanent Happiness or Bliss?

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In the modern world, most people are running after their desires, seeking instant gratification of the senses: by eating, drinking, entertaining themselves, travelling and having sex. When they get to have aforementioned desires fulfilled, they think they got happiness.

That is not true at all. That is not permanent happiness or bliss but is actually momentary pleasure, derived from the interaction of our sense organs with the outer world. And pleasure is always temporary, you will go after it again as soon as you get any stimulation. To be truly and permanently happy and blissful, we need to understand four states of the mind or four mindsets. The Four States of the Mind and Permanent Happiness or Bliss are explained  below:

Animal Mindset

An Animal has no choice between happiness and unhappiness. It has to take whatever comes its way. Animals have no such freedom as humans have. Ironically, many a times man also behaves like animal (biologically speaking it is animal though) or gets into animal mindset. In that state, a man has no choice but to take whatever is there: Happiness or Sorrow. Now the questions is: Why does a man gets into that state? Animal state means: eat, drink, sleep and have sex mindlessly. And they are completely occupied with the question of survival only. Most of the humans in this civilized society are found to be in this animal state. Getting out of this state and be in permanently happy state requires raising the awareness level.

Human Mindset

As mentioned above, most human are in this state currently. But those who take a stand and discern between pleasure and happiness are above animal state thus fall into human state of mind. Although in this state of mind there is no such thing as permanent happiness but people keep swinging between happiness and sorrow.

Super Human Mindset

This state of mind in people is directly above human mindset. In this state of mind a human has higher level of consciousness. It has sense of awareness in both the situations: Happiness and Sorrow. In this state of mind a man is “never too happy” when there is happiness. But he knows that happiness and sorrow follow each other like day and Night do. Therefore, he is prepared to take sorrow in his stride, as he did in the situation of happiness,  knowing well that both the situations are God sent.

But the last and ultimate state of mind for permanent happiness for which we all should strive is:

The Divine Mindset and Bliss

In divine state of mind, a man has risen above ordinary mortals. He is beyond happiness and sorrow. It does not matter to him nor does any situation can bother him. You arrive at this blissful mindset by looking at everything with the God’s eye. All are equal for him. Any work is a divine order. All the situations are same: be it happiness or sorrow. Here there is no question or seeking of permanent happiness. He is already in the state bliss which is forever there. This is the ultimate state of mind, all humans should try to reach. This state of the mind can be achieved by welfare activities, by working for the good of others. Not by gratifying one’s desires for he knows now that desires never die, they should be restrained not fulfilled.

Pleasure, Happiness and Bliss: Those who seek pleasures of the outside world are always at unrest. A slightest urge puts them into the frenzy of fulfilling it. While a happy person is always mindful of desires. Not that he does not have biological needs but he/ she fulfills them to the bare minimum—as much as required only. For instance, if they are hungry they will eat normal nutritious food that will maintain their body while pleasure seekers will go around filling their stomachs with all sorts of tasty junk foods. Or when a sexual instinct arises, they mate with their life partners solely for the purpose of producing children. While others may go around the town with their hot pants.
Avoid Indulgence: The logic is pretty simple: nature requires that we eat to stay physically fit. What happens when we over-eat? You get sick, vomit all that stuff. You become weak. Same logic applies to sex: it is not a thing of indulgence. If you over do it, it gets you sick, plain and simple. Yet you will be in hot pursuit of it again after sometime. While happiness does not seek to revive itself. A happy person does not run wildly after sense gratification.
Final Bliss or Permanent Happiness  Mantra: Desires never die, they should be restrained not fulfilled. And for true and permanent happiness or bliss, you need rise up to the Divine State of Mind: stop being selfish and act benevolently. In this respect, read some incidences of restraint and frugality here: Mahatma Gandhi

If you have any more ideas to achieve permanent happiness, please comment below.
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